Therapeutic Philosophy

Dr. Kwon practices psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Many people come to therapy with specific symptoms such as depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or a phobia. However, focusing on the specific symptoms can give relief only temporarily. Many psychological symptoms are formed through unconscious - not conscious processes. If you only treat the symptoms without thoroughly understanding the person, the targeted symptoms can be brought under control, but other symptoms will creep in. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy will help clients relieve their symptoms, but also help clients make fundamental changes in their lives. This is accomplished through the therapeutic relationship, by understanding the client’s past and present experiences, and through dreams and fantasy.

Dr. Kwon believes that the experience of being understood in a safe environment is crucial to successful therapy. Focusing on both verbal and non verbal expression, Dr. Kwon helps clients experience memories and feelings which are not in their conscious awareness but nevertheless influence their current situation and decision making.

Dr.Kwon takes a contemporary psychodynamic-integrative approach, blending Contemporary Self Psychology and Relational Theory.